best ai video generator – InVideo review 2024

best ai video generator - InVideo review

InVideo is an AI tool that turns text into videos easily. It does not require extra equipment or advanced editing skills. It’s popular for making professional videos.

AI video tools like InVideo can create a wide range of video types. These range from simple text slides to complex videos with real-like human visuals. The main benefit is how quick it is to make video scripts. InVideo also pulls images, music, and voiceovers automatically. This vastly simplifies the editing process.

InVideo makes avatars that look almost real but with some noticeable differences. These differences make them stand out as non-human. Some AI video tools, however, fall short when it comes to choosing the right pace for videos, which is key to keeping viewers interested. Too many choices, from templates to avatar options and effects, can also overwhelm a user rather than help them. Thankfully, most AI video tools are user-friendly, and they make editing videos a fast and fun process.

Using data on how humans react, tools like InVideo can make more effective videos. They start you off with a massive library of templates, so you don’t have to begin from nothing. Plus, they let you tweak nearly everything, like text styles, colors, and even the timing of each scene.

Key Takeaways:

  • InVideo is a user-friendly AI that turns words into engaging videos without complex tools.
  • AI videos range from simple to complex, saving lots of time.
  • Some AI video tools could improve by focusing on video pacing and cutting down on overwhelming choices.
  • InVideo stands out with its easy-to-use interface and powerful features for video creation.
  • It offers a lot of ways to make your videos unique, from basic changes to in-depth edits.

What is an AI Video Generator?

An AI video generator takes your text and turns it into a unique video. It uses smart technology to skip the hard work like filming and editing. This makes creating videos easier for more people.

With tools like InVideo, all you do is write your text. Then, the AI turns it into a video. This video comes alive with cool animations, graphics, and good sound.

AI video generators have lots of good points. They are cheap, they can grow with you, and they are simple to use. You get to make videos that look like a pro did them, without the big costs or hard tech stuff.

How Does an AI Video Generator Work?

An AI video generator, like InVideo, uses smart math and learning to understand your text. It finds the key feelings and messages in your words. Then, it makes a video that matches what you want to say.

These tools let you pick what your video looks like. You choose the style and the theme. This means your video will really feel like it’s yours.

Benefits of Using an AI Video Generator

“InVideo is one of the best AI video makers out there now.”

More and more people love tools like InVideo for a few reasons:

  • Efficiency: Making a video takes much less time and work. Just type your text and see your video come to life.
  • Customization: You can make your video just like you want. Change the style, add your voice, and more. Your video will stand out.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Normally, videos cost a lot to make. But with AI video makers, it’s not so bad. This helps businesses and people save money.
  • Accessibility: These tools are easy to use, even if you’re not a tech whiz. More people can make cool videos now.
AI video generator

Tools like InVideo make making videos easy and fun. They have everything you need, no matter how picky you are. And you don’t need to be an expert to make something great.

With AI, you can make videos that really grab someone’s attention. This helps your brand stand out and connect with people. AI video makers are super handy for anyone wanting to make top-notch videos without the hassle.

“Invideo AI offers access to over 16 million stock media options.”

“The new version 2.0 of Invideo AI supports up to 25,000 characters in any language for prompts.”

“It allows the use of up to 6 voices in a single video.”

“Invideo AI enables video creation in 55 languages, including popular ones like English, Japanese, German, and Spanish.”

Features of InVideo AI Video Generator

WorkflowsInVideo offers different workflows like YouTube shorts to help you make videos.
Detailed InstructionsInVideo guides you to give clear instructions for your videos, making them exactly as you want.
CustomizationYou can choose how your audience sees your video. Pick the look and where it fits best, all with InVideo.
AI Video EditorWant to tweak your video? InVideo’s got an AI editor to help you out.
B-roll FootageChange up the extra video clips by adding your own or picking from a bunch that InVideo has.
Script ChangesGot a tiny tweak in mind? You can patch up your video’s script without starting over.
Specific EditsInVideo lets you ask for just the right fix by giving more details. They’ll make it how you want.
Subtitles and VoiceoversChoose from different ways to add subtitles and voices to your video. It’s all about making it your own.
Export OptionsWhen your video’s done, InVideo lets you save it just how you like. Add a special mark or keep it sharp.
Licensing and CopyrightThey look out for legal stuff, making sure you’re good to go on places like YouTube.

Overview of InVideo Features

InVideo is a top-notch AI video generator. It comes packed with tools for customizing videos. This makes it a hit among businesses and creators looking to stand out.

1. Vast Library of Stock Footage, Images, and Music

What really makes InVideo shine is its huge stock of images, music, and videos. It gives users lots of options to make their videos pop. This collection ensures top-notch quality in every video made.

2. Customizable Visual Effects and Transitions

Adding text, transitions, and effects is easy with InVideo. It helps you make unique, eye-catching videos. This feature grabs your audience’s attention and gets your message across clearly.

3. Support for Multiple Aspect Ratios

InVideo lets users tailor their videos for different screens perfectly. This is great for social media, like Facebook and Instagram, or professional platforms, such as LinkedIn. It’s all about making sure your content looks amazing, no matter where it’s viewed.

4. Templates and Pre-Made Scenes

InVideo makes video creating quick and easy with its templates. You can choose from a wide variety, saving time and effort. This feature comes in handy, offering themes and styles to fit any content.

5. Intuitive Interface for Easy Editing

InVideo’s editing interface is easy for everyone to use. It’s simple and quick, making your editing tasks a breeze. This user-friendly design turns your ideas into reality flawlessly.

6. High-Quality Video Export

After editing, InVideo allows users to export videos in top quality. This keeps the video looking professional from start to finish.

To wrap it up, InVideo is your go-to for creating outstanding videos. With its vast media library, easy-to-use effects, and flexible creation tools, it’s a favorite for those wanting to improve their video game.

Pricing and Plans of InVideo

InVideo has many pricing plans to fit users’ varied needs and budgets. They ensure there’s an option for everyone. Let’s explore InVideo’s different plans in detail.

Free Plan

The free plan lets you make videos with basic features. Your videos will have a watermark, showing they were made with InVideo. You can export up to 60 videos per month. This plan is perfect for starting to make videos without spending money.

But, if you want advanced features and not have a watermark, you’ll need a paid plan.

InVideo has two paid plans: Business and Unlimited. The Business plan starts at $30 a month. It gives you 10 iStock photos and videos each month. This makes videos look more professional.

The Unlimited plan is best for more stock photos and videos. It costs $60 a month. With this plan, you get 120 stock photos and videos every month. You also have access to unlimited premium media and can export videos without limits.

These paid plans let users create great videos, no matter if they’re individuals or big companies.

Switching Plans and Discounts

If your video needs change, you can switch InVideo plans whenever you want. This is great for businesses and individuals who might need more or fewer features.

InVideo also gives discounts for plans paid yearly. This can save you money. It’s a good deal for those who plan to use InVideo for a long time.

Enterprise Plan

For big companies, InVideo has a special enterprise plan. It offers custom solutions for large-scale video needs. This includes special features for working together, a dedicated account manager, and extra security.

This plan helps big companies make and share videos easily and securely.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

InVideo is confident in the quality of its service. They promise a full refund within 30 days if you’re not happy. This shows how much they care about their customers’ happiness.

InVideo’s plans make it easy and affordable to make professional videos, no matter your budget or needs. They have options for content creators, small businesses, and big companies alike.

Pricing TiersFeaturesCost
Free PlanLimited features, watermarked exportsFree
Business Plan10 iStock photos & videos per month, advanced features$30/month or $180 annually
Unlimited Plan120 stock photos & videos per month, unlimited premium assets$60/month or $360 annually
Enterprise PlanScalable options, advanced collaboration, dedicated supportCustomized pricing

“InVideo’s pricing plans offer all the flexibility and resources you need to create professional videos at different prices. The Business plan gives you 10 iStock photos & videos, while the Unlimited plan offers a generous 120 stock photos & videos each month. InVideo ensures individuals and businesses can make videos efficiently and affordably.”

User Reviews and Testimonials of InVideo

InVideo has gained a great reputation thanks to user reviews and testimonials. Its easy-to-use interface, large collection of resources, and custom options have proved very beneficial for video making.

Everyone loves how easy InVideo is to use. Even if you’re just starting out, you can make videos that look pro. The site’s easy access is a big win for those who aren’t tech experts.

InVideo stands out for its huge range of templates and stock stuff. With over 5,000 video templates, you can find just what you need for your field, like real estate or food. This choice means you can really connect with your audience.

Customizing videos is another hit feature of InVideo. People can use their pictures, sound, and clips with what’s already there. This mix of options leads to videos that stand out and feel personal.

“InVideo saved me loads of time. The choice in templates and media make our videos look pro. It’s totally changed our game!” – Sarah, content creator

InVideo is also a hit for how it handles time for users. With AI tech, turning ideas into videos is quick, from 2 to 5 minutes long. This tool makes the whole process faster while keeping it easy.

InVideo also uses AI for video ideas. Give it a script and it finds the best clips and images to match. This not only saves time but helps make videos that really grab people.

Teams love working together with InVideo. Everyone can pitch in on projects, making editing and input smooth and easy. This way of working boosts creativity and helps teams make awesome videos together.

InVideo User Reviews
RatingPercentage of Total Reviews
5 stars76%
4 stars5%
3 stars2%
2 stars5%
1 star15%

The great user reviews and stories really show InVideo’s impact. Its easy use, many templates, and time-saving benefits make it a go-to for many businesses and creators. It’s a tool that really works.


InVideo is a top-notch AI video maker with loads of features and customization. It offers over 7000 templates and AI tools for editing videos from text. With the InVideo Studio, you get plenty of features like trim, flip, and color correction.

InVideo shines at turning text into videos with AI tech. This makes video creation easy for anyone, even if you’re not a pro at editing. It’s loved by users for its simple design, many templates, and strong editing tools. In no time, you can make videos that look pro, a clear win over other tools.

InVideo also shines with its flexible pricing, fitting various budgets and needs. They have a free plan, a $20/month Plus plan, and a Max plan at $48/month. Each plan gives you different AI generation minutes, iStock assets, and storage. For the price, InVideo offers a lot, perfect for businesses and creators looking to step up their video game.

The AI at InVideo makes video making quick and easy, with most videos done in 1-2 minutes. It uses AI to suggest the best video styles and tools for better videos. You can also add your own stuff like b-rolls and logos to make your videos unique. And, with updates to include AI voice, InVideo is always looking ahead to new, smarter features.


How does an AI video generator work?

An AI video generator uses AI to make videos from text. You write your text, and it turns it into a video. This video has animations, visuals, and sound, all from what you wrote.

What features does InVideo offer as an AI video generator?

InVideo offers tons of cool stuff. There’s a big library of videos, images, and music for you to use. You can also add text, change how scenes move, and use special effects to make the video your own.

It lets you pick different screen shapes and sizes. Plus, you get to start with templates and scenes that are already made. This makes making videos pretty easy.

What are the pricing plans for InVideo?

InVideo has some different plans you can choose from. There’s a free one, but your videos will have a small InVideo logo on them. The paid plans are Business, Unlimited, and Enterprise. The price depends on how many videos you make, how long they are, and the extras you want.

How have users reviewed InVideo as an AI video generator?

People really like InVideo. They say it’s simple to understand and has a lot to offer. They love how easy it is to pick from many templates and stock items. They especially like that they can make their videos look like their own brand.